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Citizen participation is critical in ensuring transparency and accountability in governace; key attributes of good governance, which remain critical to Nigeria's development

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What is a community Development Charter

The Community Development Charter or the Community Demand Charter is a written document containing the development needs of a community listed in order of communal priority - as agreed by all groups within the community.

Do you know your needs can get into the Local and State Government budgets in kaduna State.

How can you Participate
The Community development charter (CDC) is your entry point
The Process Starts
From your community (auguwa) then the ward level and finally your local government

These are simple steps to developing a Chater

A community Development charter document is developed in 5 simple steps

Your voice can be heard in a moments when you speak here

We are tracking low citizens' engagement and participation in the budget preparation, approval, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation process.

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Strengthens participatory budgeting

Strengthening participatory budgeting through the CDC

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CDC Training

CDC Training Zaria

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Training Community Champions

The Community Champions Training


Promoting Transparency, Inclusivity, Citizen's engagement, accessibility, and development in the society through participatory budgeting


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